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Andre Richard Salon

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Andre Richard Salon Celebrates 14 Years | Transgender Hair Stylist


When you want to look your best, Drea Richard of Andre Richard Salon is the woman to see In Old City, Andre Richard Salon is celebrating its 14th year in business.

Nowadays, owner Drea Richard's life is a celebration. Five years ago she became her authentic self. Now she lives happily as a transwoman.

"I was 42 years old, and I knew myself well enough. You get to a point where you just don't care," she says.

"My general message is, it's okay to be you, it's okay to be me, it's okay for everyone to be themselves."

Her business continues to thrive, and she continues to do her life's work, while living the life she always knew was right for her.

14 years and still on top!

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Where did the time go?

Andre Richard Salon aka Philly Salon celebrates 14 years in business this month!

Want to hear a little about how it started?


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