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See what the best hair salon in Philadelphia has to say about beauty, experts in the field, lifestyle, haircuts, hair color, balayage and what is best for your look!

Hair Color

Andre Richard Salon has won awards for hair color and also specilaizes in hair color changes. 

Do you have questions about your hair color? 

We are happy to answer them in  consultation or you can go ahead and book an appointment! 

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Hairstylists In Philadelphia Spring 2022 Roundup


Take a look at our Spring 2022 Roundup

We have posted some examples of the many hair services we do at Andre Richard Salon In Philadelphia. 

These videos show an array of hair service. Blonde hair experts, master hair stylists, hair and makeup for formal events and 2 different hair extension methods. 

Blonde Hair Color Specialists 

Master Hair Stylists

Hair and Makeup For Special Events

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Dreamcatchers Itip Hair Extensions

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What Are The Differences Between Root Taps and Color Melts?

Melted hair Color by Morgan, blonde hair specialist At Andre Richard Salon

๐—–๐—ผ๐—น๐—ผ๐—ฟ ๐— ๐—ฒ๐—น๐˜ ๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฑ ๐—ฅ๐—ผ๐—ผ๐˜ ๐—ง๐—ฎ๐—ฝ

An experienced hair colorist can immediately explain the difference between a root tap and color melt. If you find these 2 topics confusing please continue reading. “Lived in” hair is a real thing in current hair trends and techniques to achieve the right look are often confused. Root tapping gives new meaning to "get my roots done". 

The technique blends in highlights and balayage at the root line to give a natural grow in or “rooted look” so when your natural hair begins to grow in everything then remains blended. Color melting is a technique that is used to blend highlights or balayage into the root color to create a gradual transition and subtler lines of demarcation. Usually 3 or more colors are overlapped to blend the shades and any lines. The color melt should be seamless! Color melts can be done with any color, the hair colors don’t even need to be natural colors. Bring on the fashion shades and let's melt!

Questions Answered About Root Taps and Color Melting:

  • Is a root tap the same as a color melt?

  • Why is a root tap confused with a color melt?

  • What is a color melt?

  • What is a root tap? 

  • When would a hair colorist use a root tap? 

  • When would a hair colorist use a color melt? 

  • Do color melts need to be done with natural looking hair colors? 

 If we didn't answer your question please send us a message and we will always be happy to answer questions! 

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Blonde Hair Specialists in Philadelphia



André Richard Salon in Philadelphia is known for real blonde ambition! From double-process platinum ice to balayage softness or hair color corrections the best hair salon in Philadelphia has it covered. Non Binary, Men, Women all get to play!

blonde hair specialists in philadelphia

 Who can have hair color? 

What kind of hair color is right for me? 

Who is known for great blondes and hair color?

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Check Out Some Of Our Blonding Work




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Balayage Blonde Hair In Philadelphia

Blonde Specialist

Balayage Blonde Hair In Philadelphia

hair lightener Philadelphia

 What does it mean to be a blonde specialist you ask and who does blonde hair in Philadelphia? True blonde specialists perform the highest level of color work. It requires vast knowledge of color theory and science. Crafting blond is an art that requires consistent, skillful execution. Blonde work is what we call color work that involves lightening techniques and formulas. 

André Richard hair stylists have extensive training in blonding techniques of all kinds. Schedule a consultation and find out what we can do for your desired look!





Balayage with Other Blonde Hair Techniques and Methods

Take a look at some hair inspiration for blonde hair below. Don't foget to follow the Blonde Hair Specialists portion of our blog to see more of what we do at Andre Richard Salon!

 Are You Ready to Book A Full Service For Blonde Hair?

If you do not have a hair correction issue we are ready to do your blonde hair without needing a consultation! 

What is a color correction you ask? See the Hair Color Correction section of our blog.

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Handtied Hair Extensions and Fun Hair Color With Ava


 Blonde Hair with Pink and Hand Tied Hair Extensions with Ava

Fun hair color is not the only magic you can expect at Andre Richard Salon. Handtied hair extensions are here to stay and Ava has mastered the technique! This photo shows blonde highlights with Wella Blondor, then target shade (pink) was added using Pulp Riot hair color. The extensions came in the same blonde color then Pulp Riot was added to the hair extensions to match her hair and the extensions were handtied in for a secure and lasting (extensions move up in 6 weeks MAX). 

pink blonde hair extensionsHotheads Hair Extensions have a wonderful handtied weft that we feel lay better than the machine tied wefts. Need a consult with Ava?  Go To Hair Extensions Menu

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Andre Richard Salon Stylists Roundup!


Well in my honest opinion André Richard Salon DOES have the best hairstylists in Philadelphia. Take a look and feel free to hit us up on Instagram @phillysalon

Here’s The Deal:
André Richard Salon has owned by Dréa Richard and takes pride in building the best team of professionals. It is the number one salon for men and women with award-winning experts. The salon is located in the heart of Philadelphia with a fun and friendly vibe. ARS has uniquely trained stylists who love what they do with an on-site owner with 20 years of experience in beauty services featured in fashion, television, films, and more. The stylists are professional and friendly with their customers and offer fantastic haircuts and styles at an affordable price."

Balayage, Blow Out Bar, Men's and Women's Cutting and Coloring, Pintura, Single and Double Process, Bridal Services, Highlights, Texturizing, Ombre, Keratin Treatments, Toner/Glaze, Blow-Out, Hair Extensions, Makeup Application, Phyto Scalp Detox, Make-Up, Full Highlight/Lowlight, Relaxers, Conditioner & Style

Book Your Service at Andre Richard Salon Here 

 Check Out Some Of The Best Hair Stylists In Philadelphia

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Model Call For Our Blonding Event!



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Hair Color and Haircuts in Philly

Hair color and haircuts in Philadelphia

Hair Color and Haircuts in Philly

Hair color and hair cuts in Philly. We are loving Old City Philadelphia. Of course we still love giving the best hair color and haircuts to the best Philadelphia salon clients and visitors!  Book Online

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Morgan - Master Stylist #Repost @morgan_km88 (@get_repost) ใƒปใƒปใƒป |[ SWOOOOON ๐Ÿคค]| •• •• •• •• •• This beautiful client of mine wanted some gray coverage and to have her natural hair color be enhanced rather than go lighter and lighter. A little less maintenance than what we previously had going on. HAIRCUT BY :: @hairbyjosephanthony LIFTED :: @wellahair [[blondor powder lighter]] TONES:: @redken [[cover fusion]]••[[shades eq gloss]] •• <<all formulas will be posted on next post >> TOOLS:: @framar [[brushes]] @prettylittleombre [[melt brush]] #phillybesthair #phillyhair #philly #phillyhaircraft #mastersofbalayage #bestofbalayage #balayageombre #balayagist #citiesbesthairartists #auburnhair #shadeseq #haircolor #redken #framar #phillysalon

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phillysalon's profile picture phillysalon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hairbyjosephanthony's profile picture Liked by hairbyjosephanthony and 2 others phillysalon Bridal, formal or just because! Hair by Joe - Stylist #bridal #phillywedding #phillyblogger #eventhair OCTOBER 28 Photo

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Have You Met Ryan M - Stylist @phillysalon


Have You Met Ryan M - Stylist @phillysalon

Ryan is a creative and dexterous hairstylist. He began his journey in the city of Montréal, where he joined the industry as an apprentice and trained under an acclaimed Master Stylist. Now based in Philadelphia, his talents bring an eclectic, inventive, and trendy perspective. If he is not behind the chair he is upskilling himself in the latest hair trends and techniques, pouring through fashion posts and publications, and writing on his ideas, insights, and inspirations. Hairstyling is more than a moment spent at the chair, it’s a movement!

 hair stylist hair color

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Morgan - Master Stylist-Hair Color-Expert-Hair Color Specialist-Philadelphia


Morgan has taken advanced training with Redken, Wella, and Kenra hair color and cutting techniques. Along with advanced training in all modern trends for hair color, cutting and makeup application. Morgan has had the opportunity to take part in photo shoots with Inspire Hair Books and has had the opportunity to do hair and makeup for a handful of local runway shows. A perfectionist with her work she strives to make every client feel and look the best they can when leaving her chair! She is absolutely a master stylist, specialist and hair color expert. Morgan has successfully completed the ARS intensive training program for hair color and cutting techniques. Book Online With Morgan or Call 215.735.1590 or head right to her Instagram Page!

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Philly's Best Hair Salon Is Ready For Fall!

Team ARS!

Ready for your fall look? Philly's hair extraordinaire team is ready for you. We did a quick photo shoot at the salon of the team. We want you to have the best fall 2018. Book A Consult! 


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Best Hair Products In Philadelphia | Phyto | Devacurl | Redken

Best Hair Products In Philadelphia? We Think So!

Does André Richard Salon have the best hair products in Philadelphia? We think so. If its hair color you're seeking, scalp health, hydration or daily maintenance  then we really suggest backing up your home care. This is an insurance policy that our guarentee follows you right through the streets of Philly as you go on your daily journey.

Best Hair Products In Philadelphia? We Think So!


  • Redken is a top hair color and product line not only at André Richard Hair Salon but in the world. They are top rated and have leading technology to tacle any task. Recently they launched Color Extend Blondage. This color depositing shampoo for blonde hair is toning and strengthening.  


  • For the Curly Person, Devacurl has taken first seat for curl experts around the world. Andre Richard Salon is a curly girls dream. 


  • Our team of stylists have studied hard to perfect the devacut and deva transformation in the salon. This botanical, hydrating delivery system is the go-to product for any curl expert!



Phyto Hair Care

  • Created in the 1960s in France, this product has proven results for deep hair conditioning, daily maintenance and hair repair with pure botanics. Creators of the French Blow Dry (AKA a blow out) this product line surpasses luxury at its finest.


  • Pureology is the specialist in caring for color-treated hair. Acquired in 2007, the brand pioneered the “no nasties” movement and has gained a devoted following through its exclusive ZeroSulfate shampoos, vegan formulas and powerful AntiFadeComplex. With a growing passion and commitment to sustainability, the brand is seeing rapid growth globally.



Visit Our Service Menu

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Ammonia Free Hair Color at Philly's Best Salon For Hair Color



You’ve heard of calcium to fortify your bones and exercise to fortify your muscles…but what are you doing to keep your hair strong and healthy? Introducing new Chromatics—this revolutionary professional hair color fortifies every strand giving you shinier, healthier-looking hair and amazing color after just one salon visit. Read on to learn why you should choose a Chromatics color service—then talk to your stylist about booking your appointment today!



Breakthrough formula features protein extracts that penetrate deep into every strand, leaving hair 2X fortified vs. uncolored hair.


Say goodbye to that typical salon haircolor smell. The revolutionary Zero Ammonia formula means no odor, no discomfort—just amazing color.

3. 100% COVERAGE

Your stylist can cover gray flawlessly while leaving hair shiny, conditioned and fortified.


Hair is infused with long-lasting color that’s radiant and multi-dimensional—never dull or flat.


Chromatics features an incredible range of shades including brilliant brunettes, vibrant reds and beautiful blondes, so your stylist can custom blend a Chromatics color that’s perfect for you.


Redken Artist shows examples of Chromatics

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Blonde Specialists In Philadelphia


Blonde Specialists In Philadelphia

Our commitment to education at André Richard Hair Salon and providing excellent service to our clients is #1.  

Ryan Rodgers - Master Stylist @phillysalon gave us a detailed class on the lightening systems offered by Redken and at ARS along with some foil highlighting techniques.  Ryan is a Redken Artist.

That means when he is not with us creating magic behind the chair at ARS he is visiting salons in the tri-state area teaching Redken hair color and products to industry professionals. 

Some team members of ARS gathered on a Sunday evening bringing their talent and questions to a foil blonding workshop. 

The team broke into groups with specific assignments to gather information about their topic of blonding. Powder, oil, and cream lighteners are all a part of Redken and André Richard Salon's hair bleaching and hair lifting tools. 

After each group gathered and researched they presented the facts they pulled from the Redken guide book. 


Then we applied the color in an assigned highlighting pattern that Ryan gave them. 

In the end we were able to present questions and answers to be properly armed with what type of lightening product we will use and the foil pattern best suited for YOU the best client for the best hair salon in Philadelphia!


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Color Melting With Redken City Beats In Philadelphia

Color Melting- Do or Don’t?

Hair Color MeltingTake it from us: we know a thing or two about a busy lifestyle!  So, if you’re running around from dawn until dusk -  shouldn’t your hairstyle work with your lifestyle? Color Melting is the answer to your prayers! It’s the process of creating a natural blend throughout your hair, and it’s easy to maintain so you can rock your roots, without anyone really noticing or be bold – and add a bright color at your hair’s helm!

Color Melting With Redken City Beats In Philadelphia

First off, what is Color Melting?

Color Melting uses two or three shades and diffuses them together. The mixture blurs any type of traditional line color. Usually, hues are in the same palette or family in order to achieve the most natural blend between shades.

Various Color Melts: You have the freedom

The amazing thing about Color Melting is that there are endless possibilities! Whether you want shades of browns and golds for autumn, or wish to make a statement with palettes of pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, you have complete freedom! You can go from dark to light or light to dark. For a low maintenance hairstyle: you can keep the crown of the hair a deeper so that it mirrors the natural hair. Then, as the color works down the strands, it will gradually become lighter. Or to make more of a statement, you may opt to start brighter at the roots and work to darker ends.

Hair Color Melting Examples

Casting Call 

We are hosting an upcoming workshop and you could be our star! We are on the hunt for natural blondes who would like to be pretty in pink! If you’re interested, message us right away!

In the meantime, check out some of these Color Melting styles we know you will absolutely love! Get On The List Here 


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