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See what the best hair salon in Philadelphia has to say about beauty, experts in the field, lifestyle, haircuts, hair color, balayage and what is best for your look!

Mens Haircuts In Philadelphia


Philadelphia salons often specialize in mens haircuts.

We are just a cool town to visit live or visit! Guys who want a salon experience are sometimes disappointed if the hair salon does not specialize in mens haircutting, mens hair coloring, mens hair dye and mens hairstyling. Even makeup for men happens in a professional hair salon for everyone. Check it out! 

From perms, keratins and skin fades we have the mens hair covered in Philadelphia!

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Hair and Makeup Duo Visit Philadelphia For A Wedding


Hair and Makeup For A Philadelphia Wedding

Mother and daughter popped in for a visit before attending a wedding.


Stylists at Andre Richard Salon Did A Great job!  

André Richard Salon has many specialities. This time it was hair and makeup for a wedding event in the heart of the City of Philadelphia!

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Ranking At The Top For Best Philadelphia Salons


Top Ranking For One Of The Best Hair Salons In Philadelphia

It is such an honor to see hard work pay off! Who is the best hair salon in Philadelphia? Take a look and find out. We all thank you (espcially me) at Andre Richard Salon. We are happy and proud to be recognized next to these other top rated and best hair salons in Philadelphia.

Three Best Rated Hair Salons in Philadelphia

Top Rated Salons In Philadelphiatop Rated Hair Salons In Philadelphia

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Balayage Blonde Hair In Philadelphia

Blonde Specialist

Balayage Blonde Hair In Philadelphia

hair lightener Philadelphia

 What does it mean to be a blonde specialist you ask and who does blonde hair in Philadelphia? True blonde specialists perform the highest level of color work. It requires vast knowledge of color theory and science. Crafting blond is an art that requires consistent, skillful execution. Blonde work is what we call color work that involves lightening techniques and formulas. 

André Richard hair stylists have extensive training in blonding techniques of all kinds. Schedule a consultation and find out what we can do for your desired look!





Balayage with Other Blonde Hair Techniques and Methods

Take a look at some hair inspiration for blonde hair below. Don't foget to follow the Blonde Hair Specialists portion of our blog to see more of what we do at Andre Richard Salon!

 Are You Ready to Book A Full Service For Blonde Hair?

If you do not have a hair correction issue we are ready to do your blonde hair without needing a consultation! 

What is a color correction you ask? See the Hair Color Correction section of our blog.

Book A Balayage Appointment

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