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Devacurl Haircut and Pintura Highlights | Curly Hair In Philadelphia


Devacurl Haircut and Pintura Highlights

  • Calling all curls! We have 3 curly hair specialists who are Devacurl certified. They understand the curly hair design, structure and how to properly care for them. 

curly hair Devacurl at Andre Richard Salon

What is a Devacurl Haircut?

  • The Deva Cutting  technique is Devachan's  revolutionary method for cutting curly  hair. The hair is cut dry,  simply because we wear our hair dry not wet.  We cut the hair in its  natural form, curl by curl. Since curly hair and  it's spring factor can  be misinterpreted while wet. This unique  innovation allows the stylist  to sculpt each client's hair, according to  their individual curl,  look, and style. Along self curl care lesson to  take you beyond the  salon.

What are Pintura Highlights:

  • Devachan's patented, award-winning hair painting technique, both unique and innovative, was designed to replace conventional highlighting. This method captures and defines the movement and dynamism of each curl,   allowing the colorist the freedom to trust their own artistic eye, creating the perfect harmony and balance between tone and shape, light and shadow.


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