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Andre Richard Salon Has Recently Announced Its Transition From A Traditional Salon To A Salon Suite Model

Andre Richard Salon has recently announced its transition from a traditional salon to a salon suite model.

The move is part of a larger effort to provide clients with an even more personalized and focused experience, ensuring that every visit to the salon is a special one. With the new salon suite model, clients can expect even more privacy and a fully focused environment.

Andre Richard Salon location 19102

This means that they can fully relax and enjoy their salon experience without any distractions or interruptions. Moreover, the salon suite model allows for greater flexibility, which means that clients can now book appointments outside of traditional salon hours.


In addition to providing clients with a more personalized and focused experience, Andre Richard Salon will be collaborating with a major salon in Philadelphia to accommodate group wedding and formal event styling. This partnership will allow for a greater range of services and styling options, making it easier than ever before to achieve the perfect look for any special occasion.

Overall, the transition to a salon suite model is a major step forward for Andre Richard Salon.

By offering clients greater privacy and a fully focused environment, the salon is better equipped than ever before to provide an exceptional salon experience. And with the partnership with a major salon in Philadelphia, clients can look forward to even more exciting services and styling options in the near future.

Location: 1503 Walnut St 9B Philadelphia Pa 19102 

Grand Opening April 2023

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