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Don’t Let An Oily Scalp Weigh You Down | Scalp Health


Wondering What To Do When Your Scalp Is Too Oily? 

Is your hair feeling a little too slick? It happens. Listen, striking a balance on the scalp is serious business. And while many people just happen to have naturally oily hair, sometimes the products and practices of their hair care routine don’t help the situation.

We have three simple tips to temper oily hair woes:

  • Start using weekly hair masks designed for oily hair. Masks are amazing little nourishment enforcers that give your scalp and hair an extra little boost of love. Just make sure you choose one designed specifically for oily hair. PHYTODETOX Purifying Mask is the perfect pre-shampoo treat for oily hair. It gives the scalp an intense clean and gives your hair body and volume. It’s like a little botanical scalp reset with a refreshing Eucalyptus scent. The other members of the PHYTODETOX range are also worth exploring if you have oily hair. The Clarifying Shampoo and Rehab Mist are great purifiers to always have on hand for your hair care needs.
  • Say no to dry shampoo. We know dry shampoo is all the rage, but it can actually increase oil and residue on your scalp and hair. Every time you spritz to refresh your hair you are actually clogging your scalp and encouraging oil to build up and weigh your hair down. Instead get a really good balancing shampoo, like PHYTOPANAMA. It’s safe to use daily and contains a patented ingredient, Progenium, that saves oily scalps without stripping it of what it needs.
  • Use products that can effectively rebalance your scalp since that’s where healthy hair begins. When the pH levels of your scalp are balanced is when your hair thrives the most. Our best seller to help keep the scalp in check is, PHYTOPOLLEINE. Our 100% botanical treatment is the ultimate scalp elixir. It restores the balance of your scalp by gently cleansing to remove excess sebum and dandruff. It purifies and energizes while giving your scalp everything it needs to create the ideal environment to grow healthier hair. PHYTOCEDRAT, our antiseptic shampoo, is great for oily scalps and uses lemon oil, pine bark, geranium, rosemary, and sage to purify and rebalance.

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The botanicals infused into every PHYTO product are what makes them so powerful. At PHYTO, we know the ins and outs of scalps and how to get them regulated and in the best position to grow healthier, more gorgeous hair!



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