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Which PHYTO Shampoo is Right for You? | Behind the scenes at PHYTO


Which PHYTO Shampoo is Right for You?


As silly as it sounds, we know it can be overwhelming to figure out which shampoo to buy. Every label touts a laundry list of different benefits. There are ones made for straight hair, curly hair, thick hair, fine hair, colored hair and everything in between. Shampoo is definitely not one size fits all since every head of hair is different. That’s why Phyto creates shampoos to address every need, but we also want to help you easily figure out what’s best for your locks.

Here's a little peek into four of our shampoos and how you will know if they are right for your hair.


Looking for a daily shampoo great for all hair types? Introducing PHYTOPROGENIUM. Gentle enough to use every day, the prebiotics complex helps regulate the microbiota of the scalp and preserves its balance. If you need something to moisturize dry hair, check out PHYTOJOBA. It softens stressed out locks with a deliciously smelling blend of jojoba milk and mallow flower Want a little more volume? PHYTOVOLUME will do the trick with its lightweight lather and slightly textured gentle cleansing formula. It’s the bamboo extract that really gets the volume going and leaves you with soft, bouncy hair.    Maybe your locks need a little purifying. This happens a lot if you have oily hair and our PHYTOCEDRAT uses lemon essential oil to regulate sebum secretion and sanitize your scalp. Your hair will feel so fresh and so clean.Rest assured that regardless of your hair type we have something that will help you reach and maintain your hair goals. This is just a small sampling of what PHYTO does. We are hair and scalp enthusiasts and want to help you find the products that work best for you!


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