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Hair Extensions In Philadelphia


Hair Extensions at Andre Richard Salon In Philadelphia

Looking for the best hair extension method that suits your hair type can be challenging. If you are a first-timer and not sure where to start, this blog post can help you explore your options. At Andre Richard Salon, we offer different types of hair extension systems, from hand-tied hair extensions to tape-in extensions, micro-links, and keratin bonds.


Before deciding on the type of hair extension method, it is crucial to ensure that you consult a licensed cosmetologist certified in hair extensions. They will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for hair extensions. Certain lifestyles are not compatible with specific methods, so take a look at the pros, cons, and everything in between.


Hair extension methods are classified into two categories: strand by strand and wefted panels. Strand by strand extensions include bonded, micro links, and knotting, while wefted panels include tape-in, clip-in, flip-in, sewn-in, and glued-in. Each method has various attachments and factors that determine their suitability, such as budget, hair type, and lifestyle.


The strand by strand method utilizes approximately 20-40 strands of hair, attached together at one end using a glue bond/keratin or polyurethane. Strand by strand extensions are attached to small pieces/sections of the wearer’s hair using a warm (bonded with a heat gun) or cold fusion (copper cylinders and pliers). Strand by strand systems are often referred to as a keratin bond, u or nail tip, flat tip, micro links, and nano rings.


Bonded strands by strands are attached to the hair using a heating element. Your hair is placed between the U-tip and sealed with a hot extension tool that melts the Keratin glue, which is then rolled into the hair. This method is the most durable, lasting between 16-20 weeks with proper maintenance. However, it is also the most expensive and time-intensive, taking between 6-8 hours on average for application and removal.


The attachment points are hard, which can be uncomfortable, and not reusable, requiring new hair for every application. Heat is also required for application, which can be tough on the stylist's hands and lead to damage to the client's hair. Maintenance is crucial and requires frequent brushing and avoiding oil-based products and over-styling.


On the other hand, cold fusion, micro-links, or I-tip is a hair extension method where small sections of your hair are pulled through a small cylinder/bead/lock and clamped shut with a pair of pliers. Reputable companies use copper cylinders lined with silicone to protect your natural hair from breakage.


The cost for strand by strand hair extensions depends on the brand, how many strands are added, and in which city they’re applied, with a budget range of $600 - $2,500+.


At Andre Richard Salon, we offer different types of hair extensions that suit your hair type, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you want to add volume, length, density, or chemical-free highlights, our licensed cosmetologists are equipped with the right skills to give you the best hair extension experience.

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