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Tape-In Extensions | A Philadelphia Stylist Article


My name is Ryan and I am a Philadelphia stylist who loves hair extensions!

Hello, everyone! Look at that, it January 2020! Happy new year to all of you! This means that we have completed a whole decade and we are beginning a new one! But wait a minute, that doesn't mean you have to leave your questions about tape-in hair extensions in 2019. I'm here to give you a write-up consultation that will walk you through the dos' and don'ts about, what should we call it, your hair-extension journey? So, let me walk with you on your journey to gifting yourself your dream hair!

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions have been around for ages. Many methods of adhering second hair now exist. One, in particular, is called "Tape-In Extensions." This extension is a weft of hair weighing only 5g and is attached to a very thin strip of tape. The extension measures about an inch wide and is placed on a thin section of hair followed by another strip of extension placed on top, pretty much locking your hair in between both strips of hair extensions.

Who should gift themselves extensions?

Whether you're looking to add length, volume or even enhance your hair colour, tape-in extensions are great for fine, medium and thick hair. These extremely lightweight extensions add hardly any weight to the hair that it's adhered to. Their visibility is undetectable in even the finest of hair, thanks to the ultra-thin adhesive. They lay flat to the head and do not create any bulk resulting in a very natural look! Now, maintenance... tape-in extensions will last in your hair with minimal maintenance until you have them removed. They should, however, be refitted every 6-8 weeks to remain undetectable. Over time as your natural hair grows out, the tape will also shift with the hair growth, increasing their visibility to others around you. The adhesive tape used on these extensions are medical-grade. However, the tape's strength will diminish when it comes in contact with oil, alcohol, sulfate, and ethanol. So, keep in mind that the shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and styling products you use should be free of these ingredients.

Washing your hair will not be any different, however, I would avoid vigorous scrubbing.

Gentle surface rubbing with your palms and fingers will help keep you from pulling and tugging on the extensions and keep the hair from tangling. After washing your hair, let your hair air-dry up to 75% before blowdrying and heat styling. Be careful not to apply too much heat near the scalp at the location of the tape as the heat may cause the extensions to slip out of your hair. You will be able to brush your hair as you normally would as long as you are careful not to brush through the tape near your scalp (small warning: this might be a little uncomfortable). I'd also recommend that you braid your hair at night to avoid excessive tangling.

When should I remove my hair extensions?

Removing your extensions in between refits (6-8 weeks) is easy and damage-free. Your certified stylist applies a dissolvent that will cause the glue to weaken and easily detach from the hair. It's as simple as that! Your hair panels can be used up to 3 refits after the first install for a total of up to 8 months of wear. Afterwards, the hair should be discarded and new hair panels should be used to ensure quality and comfort.

The price for having this service varies depending on a few factors. These factors are dependent on the brand of hair, the number of hair panels you will require, the length of the hair, the colour and your stylists’ fees. Looking for a brand of hair extensions can get confusing if not tiring, especially if you are doing this yourself. Having a conversation with your stylist will save you all the unnecessary stress as they will most likely have a preferred brand supplying high-quality hair. Quantity and length of the hair required to meet the style you are looking for can vary the overall cost of service. The more panels and the longer the hair, the higher service charges. Your first hair extension session will be your most expensive as you will need to purchase the hair through your stylist and pay service fees for the installation. After your first session, the only cost required will be your stylists’ removal, maintenance & styling and re-installation fees. Calling your salon to book a consultation for extensions will easily allow you to sit down with your stylist to determine what style you’re looking for and the cost you can expect for your first session along with following sessions.

Is it for you?

Luxury hair care services such as hair extensions aren't necessities. Although, they can be a life-altering solution for those with fine or thinning hair. Tape-in hair extensions are great as it can allow you the freedom to change hair length, build volume & fullness and enhance your hair colour as you please. Whatever your reason is, there is no shame in achieving your hair goals and feeling good about yourself. So, cheers to a hair-some 2020!

-Ryan, Sylist at Andre Richard Salon

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