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Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Hair Extensions




What are hand-tied extensions?


Hand-tied extensions are a series of knots tied onto the hair and held in place by a bead to create a track. You can expect 1- 2.5 rows instead of the majority of your head being covered in attachments. Hand-tied wefts are tied to these tracks to give you length and volume. All with no sticky adhesive or hard bonds near your scalp. This makes a hand-tied extension the most comfortable method for most people to wear. Oh, and you can still put your hair in a ponytail!

Wait...What’s a hand-tied weft?

It’s a thin weft of hair that is tied by hand instead of by a machine This means it will lay super close to your scalp, making it blend in with your hair more seamlessly than any other type of hair extension. Because the weft is hand-tied with the string it can be colored with the hair for a beautiful blend from base to tip.

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How long can I wear my extensions?

You can reuse your wefts for about 4-6 months. This depends largely on at-Home care.  Every 6-8 weeks you will need to have your extensions tightened. They grow out just like color does. This depends on your hair growth and what is comfortable for your lifestyle.

So, what’s this cost?

Cost is available by consultation (free!). Key factors including the desired length and amount of hair needed will dictate the cost. hair extensions philadelphia Feb 04 1 37 31 PMhair extensions philadelphia Feb 06 3 02 11 PM

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