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Drea Richard: Embracing Hair Trends with Expertise | Andre Richard Salon

Discover the insights of Drea Richard, owner of Andre Richard Salon, as quoted in Philadelphia Style magazine. Explore her expert advice on hair trends and styling techniques that stand the test of time. 


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In a recent feature in Philadelphia Style magazine, Drea Richard shares her expertise on hair trends for the season. "Done right, a blunt bob is always flattering," she remarks. "You can have a longer bob with more ways to style it, and the blunt cut creates thickness."

Richard emphasizes the importance of gradual changes, cautioning against drastic shifts in hair length overnight. "Changing the length of your hair from super long to short overnight causes stress and is unnecessary," she advises.

Furthermore, Richard highlights the growing acceptance of silver/gray hair among clients. "Many silver-haired clients have opted for a beautiful, rich glaze on their locks to give it shine and bounce," she notes.


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