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Principles Of Hair Color Class with Redken

 Hair Color

hair color PhiladelphiaThe law of color doesn't change. Red, Blue and Yellow are the beginning, combined they help create the world of color that we see around us. They createThey even apply to creating, adjusting and mastering hair color. Our biggest craving is for fashion and amazing hair!

As artists and hair colorists in Philadelphia we crave knowledge and inspiration.

hair colorist PhiladelphiaThe principles of hair coloring help lay the foundation for the work that we produce. Today met with a select group of team members to talk about these principles with Redken Hair Color and Ryan Rodgers - Redken Educator.

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Short Hair Brides

Short Hair BridesPhiladelphia has taken off as a destination wedding town. Choose from top Philadelphia hotels, restaurants, wedding venues and of course the best hair salon in Philadelphia for your wedding. We can accomadate you and of course your bridal party. ARS Parlour or Andre Richard Salon can be used as a private salon or we can pack up and come meet you on location (within the city limits)


Our Master Stylist Chad was mentioned in this beautiful article by The Knot.


call 215.735.1590 or complete our wedding registry inquiry sheet to set up a trial. 

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