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Andre Richard Salon

See what the best hair salon in Philadelphia has to say about beauty, experts in the field, lifestyle, haircuts, hair color, balayage and what is best for your look!

Redken Styling Sessions: 3 Easy Prom and Wedding Hairstyles

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Red Carpet Hairstyle How To: Urban Glam - Sideswept Waves With a Side Braid

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Meet Ryan Rodgers - Master Lead Stylist - ARS Educator - Redken Artist


hair colorist philadelphiaHairstylist first, (Lead Master Stylist) Redken Artist second, Ryan has been a part of the beauty industry for 13 years. Before attending beauty college, Ryan had the opportunity to attend a 4 day hair coloring class in NYC. Feeling so inspired by the individuals in front of him during those 4 days, he knew that his passion in the beauty industry would also be to inspire and educate others. Ryan joined  ARS  in May of 2016 and the Redken Artist Network in 2015.

Prior to joining the Redken Artist Network, Ryan also became a Redken Certified Hair Colorist in 2012. He works behind the chair at André Richard Salon as a Lead Master Stylist as specializes in cuts and colors for both men and women and also leads education for the entire ARS team.

Inspiring other beauty professionals through education, Ryan’s discipline is in hair color, helping his attendees with formulation ideas and application techniques to add to their style. With a vast knowledge on all Redken hair color products, Ryan loves to pass along his information and skill to his clients and education attendees by relating it to his own experiences that he has had while working behind the chair. He believes that it is imperative for all salon professionals to keep up to date with their skillset, as trends in hair are continuously changing. Season to season. 
Ryan experienced Redken education for the first time in 2010. Since then he has only grown as a salon professional. His intention as an educator is to pass along that same experience he has gained from Redken education to his attendees. Throughout his journey as an Artist, a few of his mentors have been Ryan Morgan, Lauren Hagen, Roger Molina, Lori Zabel, Sam Villa, Kris Sorbie, and Chris Barren. Ryan has worked behind the scenes along side of some his mentors at a few shows, such as, Premier Philadelphia and The Redken Symposium.
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Philly's Best Hair Salon Is Ready For Fall!

Team ARS!

Ready for your fall look? Philly's hair extraordinaire team is ready for you. We did a quick photo shoot at the salon of the team. We want you to have the best fall 2018. Book A Consult! 


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Andre Richard Salon Summer Hair!

Fresh Summer Haircut by Kate - Lead Stylist and ARS Educator!

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Best Hair Salon In Philadelphia 2018 Summer Roundup


Take a look at our summer roundup 2018 Best Hair Salon In Philadelphia 2018. Haircuts, hair color, balayage, makeup and more! 



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The Best Hair Salon In Philadelphia

look book fall hair trends promote


7 of Philadelphia's Very Best Hair Salons

We Looked at 308 Hair Salons serving Philadelphia and Picked the Top 20

1200-1221 Chestnut St.

Andre Richard Salon

The Best Hair Stylists in Philadelphia

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2018 phyto treatment day

Leading the way in scalp health is Dréa Richard, owner of André Richard Salon (130 Chestnut St., 215-735-1590). Here you can learn far more about (and see more of) your scalp than you ever thought possible, thanks to the Phyto scalp analysis. André Richard is the only salon in the area to offer the service.

Using a capilliscope that’s hooked up to a laptop, Richard runs the penlike device through your hair and watches the screen, where your follicles are magnified 200 times. The goal is to diagnose the condition of your scalp, the density of your hair, and the volume of your strands. Once you get past any squeamishness about seeing what your scalp looks like up close, it’s fascinating what you can learn. Turns out a shiny scalp doesn’t mean you have shiny hair; it means you’ve been overdoing it with silicone-based products. Too much shampoo and conditioner can make your tresses lackluster. “Your scalp needs to be balanced,” says Richard.  “Then you’ll have your optimal hair.”

But before Richard begins any treatment, she’s on the lookout for anything that doesn’t appear normal. Over the years, she has alerted numerous clients to suspicious bumps, moles, or other anomalies, sending them straight to a dermatologist. “Part of your training in beauty school,” she says, “is to spot certain skin conditions—and learn what to do or not to do when you see them.” Richard stresses, however, that a stylist can’t diagnose skin cancer or any type of skin condition. Professor George Cotsarelis, MD, chair of the dermatology department at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, wholeheartedly agrees. “I’ve seen dozens of patients who were referred by hairstylists,” she says. “They’re used to seeing so many scalps that they know what’s normal and what looks different or suspicious.”

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Best Hair Products In Philadelphia? We Think So!

Does André Richard Salon have the best hair products in Philadelphia? We think so. If its hair color you're seeking, scalp health, hydration or daily maintenance  then we really suggest backing up your home care. This is an insurance policy that our guarentee follows you right through the streets of Philly as you go on your daily journey.


Redken color extend blondage purple shampoo

Redken is a top hair color and product line not only at André Richard Hair Salon but in the world. They are top rated and have leading technology to tacle any task. Recently they launched Color Extend Blondage. This color depositing shampoo for blonde hair is toning and strengthening.  




devacurl salon philadelphia

Devacurl - For the Curly Person Devacurl has taken first seat for curl experts around the world. Andre Richard Salon is a curly girls dream. 

Eric and Dréa have studied hard to perfect the devacut and deva transformation in the salon. This botanical, hydrating delivery system is the go to product for any curl expert!



Phyto Hair Care - Created in the 1960's in France, this product has proven results for deep hair conditioning, daily maintenance and hair repair with pure botanics. Creators of the French Blow Dry (AKA a blow out) this product line surpasses luxury at its finest.




best hair products philadelphia

Pureology is the specialist in caring for color-treated hair. Acquired in 2007, the brand pioneered the “no nasties” movement and has gained a devoted following through its exclusive ZeroSulfate® shampoos, vegan formulas and powerful AntiFadeComplex®. With a growing passion and commitment to sustainability, the brand is seeing rapid growth globally. 


Need a consultation with a top rated stylist? Book it here!

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Washday Wonder Devacurl

wash day wonder devacurl philadelphia

Available at both locations!

Wash Day Wonder Pre-Cleanse slip detangler for curly and super curly hair. Unlike other detangling products, Wash Day Wonder tackles tangles BEFORE the wash routine for faster showers and less frustrating detangling.


Additional Information

    • Product Details
Wash Day Wonder Pre-Cleanse slip detangler for curly and super curly hair. Unlike other detangling products, Wash Day Wonder tackles tangles BEFORE the wash routine for faster showers and less frustrating detangling.
    • How To Use
BEFORE cleansing, smooth onto soaking wet curls in sections, ensuring the product is saturated throughout. Use your ngers to gently detangle. Gentle enough to use every wash!
Wash out with a DevaCurl cleanser, ensuring the product is completely removed.
Be sure to follow with a DevaCurl conditioner or treatment mask to seal in moisture.
    • What Does this Do
Wash Day Wonder™ melts tangles away BEFORE cleansing—a NEW way to detangle! It’s made with pracaxi oil and saffron flower extract to give curls slip and super soft feel, while a natural sugar-based technology strengthens hair to resist breakage. Wash days are no longer a pain!
    • Ingredients
• Pracaxi Oil (Pra-ku-shee) – Derived from the Pacaxi tree, also known as the Oil Tree, it is native to the Amazon. Pracaxi Oil detangles, adds slip, provides silkiness and shine to hair
• Sugar-based Technology – Helps reduce shedding caused by breakage
• Saffron Flower Extract - Increases suppleness and shine, and reduces friction for detangling ease
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